Personalizing your Volkswagen vehicle can be a fun experience, particularly with the right accessories. VW accessories are available directly from your local dealership or from third parties, but the dealership will almost always be the better option. You’ll find high-quality parts and have a wide selection to choose from at Jack Daniels VW.

Always Buy Accessories from Your VW Dealer

Extensive Selection

While most places will offer basic accessories, like floor mats and maybe seat covers, you will find the best selection at a VW dealership near you. Because a store like ours specializes in Volkswagen models, we can offer more for each vehicle. General automotive stores need to offer something for every vehicle from each brand, meaning the selection from each is limited.

Better Warranty

Your Volkswagen dealership, like Jack Daniels VW, also delivers a better warranty. If you order something online from a third party, you are out of luck if it breaks. However, all Volkswagen accessories come with a guarantee.

Designed for Your Model

By picking a genuine Volkswagen accessory instead of one you find online from a third party, you can rest assured that it will work with your particular vehicle, whether it is a Golf, Passat, or something else.

Manufacturers that make aftermarket accessories for multiple types of vehicles might cut corners and create something that works OK for a long list of models to save money. VW accessories, however, were designed with your particular model in mind.

Friendly Atmosphere

Shopping at Jack Daniels VW gives you all the benefits of buying official VW accessories in a friendly and helpful atmosphere. Our team is knowledgeable about the various Volkswagen models and can make suggestions of which accessories will work best for you. When you buy from a reputable dealership, you also don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of or overcharged.

Most Popular VW Accessories

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to VW accessories, but some are more popular than others are.

VW Tiguan Roof Rack

For the Tiguan

Some of the available accessories for the VW Tiguan are smart and versatile, like the VW Roadside Assistance Kit and First Aid Kit. Both save you time, as you don’t have to compile your own kit of supplies. There are also car covers designed to fit over your Tiguan SUV and rear seat covers perfectly, complete with the Tiguan logo.

VW Golf Car Cover

For the Golf

In addition to the kits mentioned above and its own covers and seat covers, the VW Golf offers some very popular organizational accessories. There are customized sunshields that fit the windshield perfectly, an incredible range of carpeted and rubber floor mats, trunk liners, and cargo organizers and blocks.

Volkswagen Passat rear lip spoiler

For the Passat

The VW Passat offers similar accessories to the Tiguan and Golf, as well as items like a rear lip spoiler and rooftop transport in the form of rails and specific carriers for bikes and other items.

Get Accessories at Jack Daniels VW

When you are ready to personalize your Volkswagen, the team at Jack Daniels VW can help you by suggested accessories and other options. Contact our dealership to learn more or search our catalog to get an idea of the types of accessories we offer for your particular Volkswagen model.

Our store is located in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, a short drive from Jersey City, Paramus, and neighboring New York City. Be sure to stop by for a chat and to look over the certified VW parts we have in stock. You can also check out our current specials to see if we’re offering a discount on anything you might need.