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Why Used Cars Are More Than Just a Great Value

We spend a lot of time talking about how great new cars are. They’ve got cutting edge features, fresh designs, and most of all that new car smell. But if those details aren’t important to you, why aren’t you looking… Continue Reading →

On the Block: 4 Game Plans to Get the Best Trade-In Value

With baseball season winding down, and football season just around the corner, you’re probably used to hearing about trades by now. Teams are always busy putting players on the trading block so that they can get the value they need… Continue Reading →

Why Used Volkswagens Are the Ultimate Value Buy

For more than six decades since making landfall in the U.S., the name Volkswagen has been synonymous with fun — and with a bevy of models to suit the adventure-seeker in everyone — it’s not hard to see why. From… Continue Reading →

There’s More Than One Good Reason to Buy a Used Volkswagen Jetta

The biggest advantage of buying a used car is the affordability it offers over a new one. But beyond the financial benefit, there are a few reasons why buying a used Volkswagen Jetta can be a good purchase. Options Jettas… Continue Reading →

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