VW goes above and beyond when it comes to the safety of their drivers and passengers – and have added an array of safety technology known as the Driver Assistance Package to ensure it. Below we will explain some of our favorite aspects of this package, but it’s important to note that not all features are available on every model. We encourage you to consult with the staff at Jack Daniels Volkswagen for more details.

VW Driver Assistance Package Provides Extreme Safety

VW’s Driver Assistance Package gives you options that act as a second set of eyes and ears, compensating for blind spots and providing support for challenging situations.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is an excellent feature for highway driving, but often you will find yourself adjusting the set speed every few moments due to traffic. Adaptive Cruise Control eliminates this by using a radar to maintain a set speed and safe distance from vehicles in front of you.

Blind Spot Monitor

Changing lanes on a busy highway can be a challenge to even the most seasoned driver. Volkswagen’s Blind Spot Monitor sounds an alert if you attempt to move into a lane occupied by another vehicle. It will also warn you if a vehicle is reversing out of a parking space.

Forward Collision Warning

Also known as Front Assist, this is a sensor in the front of your Volkswagen that will monitor traffic, and alert you in the case of a potential collision. If your VW is about to collide with another vehicle or a pedestrian, you will be alerted by an audible and visual warning. If no action is taken, the Autonomous Emergency Braking will apply the brakes.

Lane Departure Warning

Using a front-facing camera in the rearview mirror, this function will warn you if you are moving out of your lane without signaling, and can also counter-steer to bring you back into alignment at speeds under 40 MPH.

Rear Traffic Alert

Vehicles equipped with this feature have sensors on both sides of the rear bumper to quickly let you know of any possible danger when reversing. Just like the Front Assist, the Rear Traffic Alert can apply the brakes in an emergency.

Parking Steering Assistant (Park Assist)

You’ll never have to ask your passengers to get out and help you parallel park again thanks to the Parking Steering Assistant. Simply drive slowly on a city street, and your VW will let you know when there’s a space it can fit into, and help you steer it into place.

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